Organized or Stressed?

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! The multiple winners of my Cradle Contents have been notified via email. I am so hoping this cover is going to be super and you’ll see it here with its mates. I have some idea I’m going to draw a logo for all 3 books, but we’ll see. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Jan/Feb are my really hard working months and right now I’m amid organizing for 2017. I am not using the new snazzy hot pink planner I bought. It did not note Pearl Harbor, which is important to me–truly disappointed in that. I am a planner-snob.

This is the first year I’ve tried working ahead, with a planner. I opted for making my own to which I could add pages, pockets, etc. I love these smaller 3-ring binders for almost everything. This one is my work book, where I keep notes about projects, etc. Love, love this notebook. Then my brand new homemade planner is white. Homemade works better for me, where pages can be added or removed. These notebooks are handy for just about everything. And it’s fun DIY.

Sometimes I think that with all the electronic gizmos, it still comes down to paper. With these DIY notebooks, you can have sticker-fun. Who doesn’t love stickers? And happy cups. That’s my happy cup on my notebook, btw.

I’m just starting a new book/series and marking total words written per dayย in my DIY notebook. This is where the goal setting comes in. Some writers want so many words per day. I don’t. I write more in scenes and go with the flow, but I know to make a deadline, I need to be midpoint by a specific date. I approximate. I’ve written enough to know when it’s time to stop, to take a drive, walk, and generally get away.

SIDE NOTE: In case you didn’t know, laying out a new book, the possible start of a series, is an agonizing process. Character names have to be matched, selected carefully. Where to start, etc. are big mulling items. Generally, I just write and worry about getting the set up down, then re-edit those first pages and take off.

Is this current planner rage more beast than help? Is extreme goal-setting creating even more stress to our everyday lives? We are actually pressuring ourselves. Some days, I am disappointed that I didn’t get whatever done, most frustrated. On those days, I make a list of the things that I did and it’s quite a long list. I forgive myself. There are only so many hours in a day, so much of my energy.

And then, life comes along and interferes, disrupting the whole planned ball game. Demands on an individual are huge, encompassing care for our families, work routines, maintenance of car and home and health, plus huge amounts of paper work and daily business.

This year, I am taking more time off Internet, especially the holidays. Many writers are not on Internet on Sunday or a chosen day, and that is a good plan, to back away for just that one day and do something else. Refreshing, nurturing ourselves is very important. We’re not machines, programmed to run constantly.

My question is: Are we planning ourselves into stress, rather than relieving it by planning ahead? Are we too goal oriented? What is our individual time and energy vs the goals we set, the plans we make?

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  1. I know you reissued The Cowboy’ one of the books I wrote you about because I loved it so much…but I also wrote you about Gamblers’ Lady’. I hope that was the title ( should have checked’s on my Kindle ) I’m sure you know the book..he owns a casino and she goes to work for him..he was very rough around the edges ..she was a lady….please reissue that one! Please also, as requested the twin daughters in ‘The Cowboy’.
    So glad you mentioned Glen sisters and I loved him. Take a look at an old Gary Cooper movie movie..he never did anything for me..maybe because he was too quiet..but now I think I might see something there…although I’ve heard stories about him and Cary Grant which I don’t want to believe!

    • Hi, Leonore. I’m so glad you wrote. Gambler’s Lady is available, a classic. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I haven’t written The Cowboy’s daughters, but they would be unusual, wouldn’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚
      I loved Glen Ford’s easy acting style. His real name is interesting. I look up these character’s biographies as I think of it. Recently did Sam Elliott’s.
      Again, so glad you wrote. Love hearing from you. I’m just setting into this new website, so have a few things to learn. ๐Ÿ™‚

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