My Bucket List

One of the most important lists of all time is an individual’s bucket list. I make and revise mine all the time. There is the usual travel stuff–boy, I’d love to see the Viking ships in Norway’s museums. I studied Viking for some time before writing a book as yet unpublished. I researched lovely 1890 hardback collectibles for the story.

Another on my list was to write and publish my BasketSeries, which I’ve done for the most part. I’d waited to do those books through category, romantic suspense, westerns, etc. Yet all of my books are “books of my heart”. Like most writers, I put heart and soul into my books.

At the top of my bucket list may be getting all of my work into print of some kind. Secondary, may be getting my Mountie book in movies with Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Robert DuVall and those guys starring. I did drive to the locations and researched on site–quite the experience, driving up the Cariboo and visiting Barkerville B.C., a mining town. And driving the Oregon Trail is something everyone should experience.Ā BTW, whatever happened to those good old western guys, including Glen Ford?

If you’re wondering where that awful cartoon comes from, look no further. I’m having fun playing with graphic programs and that is my first effort. I’m definitely not a trained graphic artist. I did that after taking a long drive to consider points in my WIP. Driving settles any story plotting questions I may have. My Work in Progress (WIP) is coming along and I’m quite happy with what I have so far, I also came home to make some quick notes on my WIP and then crochet a couple dishcloths.

I’ve actually done a large portion of my bucket list, but there is always more. This year, I visited San Francisco’s Asian Museum–love, loved it. I would love to revisit Seattle’s as it has been some time. I would love to travel in an RV, or spend some time in one. I think of Janet Dailey who traveled all the states, writing a book about each one. I would just like the travel/camping aspect. And I’d love to paint more, which I probably will. I’d better. I have enough art supplies stocked up.

While I’m sorting out my every-changing bucket list, I’d love to hear about yours? Just comment below?

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7 Responses

  1. I want to visit Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, and Italy. Don’t know if I’ll get to do it all. But my youngest son (30) asked if we want to plan on Ireland in 2020 so I might get to at least one place.

  2. Sarah DeLong

    My bucket list is going to Scotland and Ireland to play golf on all the courses. Also would love to visit Hawaii.

    • I would just like to go to Scotland/Ireland rural areas. Would love to see their castles, the scenery. See some of their handcrafts, i.e. weaving. I have always wanted to go to Norway, too.

  3. Pamela Hamblin

    Cait, I’ve managed to do a lot on my bucket list. I got to see The Monkees perform more then once, Meat Loaf more then once, Kid Rock, I met and talked to Dottie West (way back when she was at a local jamboree), I have been to Disney World three times and recently the first time to Animal Kingdom, went to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. While in Tampa I got to see Jimmy Hart who used to be a wrestling manager. This past summer I also seen and talked to Jake Roberts who was in wrestling. I’ve met some soap opera actors. I got a open heart collection necklace this last Christmas that I’ve wanted over 9 yrs! I have met one author, Pamela Clare! I would still love to meet Sheri Whitefeather, Cathy Mann, and Karen Rock. I’d love to yet see the Budweiser horses !I want to go back to Florida and visit my sister in her home since she comes north and stays with me . So, I have done some of my bucket list and have more to go!

    • Boy. That is great. I hope you got some autographs. I got Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies and that was it. šŸ™‚ You just keep going, girl! And those Budweiser horses are gorgeous, aren’t they? A few years ago, I drove across country and that was one goal, also driving the Oregon Trail. Moving is on my bucket list, whenever. I hope you get to meet those authors. Write them and ask if they are doing book signings or at any conferences in your area?

  4. caitlondon

    Sitting on the porch and having tea and inhaling life is essential. You just keep writing. We love your work!

  5. I think your cartoon cute. I mentally kick my bucket list, and hear it empty. I really have so few desires, other than to sit on the porch and have tea. šŸ™‚ It’s time I gave this some thought, really a good idea. One thing I think could go on my bucket list– one thing I’m willing to share– is finishing the book I am writing. And get a few more into paper. I concentrate on the first right now. That’s as far as I can go.

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