Water Everywhere

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Days of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall have hit. Our weather alert radios are sounding every few minutes. Someone once called these consecutive storms, “Freight trains” which they truly are, one after another, pounding the countryside, filling the lakes and streams, and causing people to evacuate.

The best rule is “stay at home”, if you can and don’t get out there unless absolutely necessary. The state highway running past my home was closed, several towns, bridges, roadways closed due to an “almost” record breaking flood.

We did not have tornadoes here, but others did. Today, I am praying for so many people whose homes have been flooded, who are struggling and facing hard work to rebuild their lives.

Here’s to everyone out there:

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3 Responses

  1. I am praying that the water will go down to the normal for you.

  2. Praying with you for those who are hard-hit by the storms and flooding. When you’re sitting in your house and you hear the rain beating on the roof, it makes you understand the power.

    • Thank you, Julia and CurtissAnn. I do understand the power and while I am grateful not to be affected, my prayers are with those suffering the results of this historical flood. Again, thank you.

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