Catching Up in June

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Life happens. So true. I’m behind on my 2nd book of the year, but not too worried about that. Things to do, you know.

Amid lots of house/yard upkeep now means I’m in the stores more, getting supplies. While in Menard’s plant section, 2 little boys in a cart pushed by their mother were talking. So cute. One said, “When Mom gets us another brother…” She was busy with the 6 months or so baby on her hip….

Friends sent me this and I really laughed when opening the package. So funny. Thank you, F. and M. Please know how much I enjoy it.

I scheduled June as catch-up month and am working hard toward that goal. Remember my planner attempt? It is working well, with lots of projects underway, plus life. I do enjoy the small things like having tea while sitting on my front porch and chatting with a good friend. Last night, the fireflies put on a show.

I’m working on about everything this month, including more Cait’s Classics, covers, and writing my new series.

I hope you’re signed up for my E-NEWSLETTER for more information on my releases and please do visit my Facebook Page? I’d love to hear from you, too.

Do enjoy this gorgeous summer? I am.


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  1. Florence L Gibson

    This bird looks much better on your table than in the middle of your car hood!!! :o)

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