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I truly wish you the best of days today. I’m editing Bk1 of a new series, my windows open to catch the first cool a.m. we’ve had. (Not a heat/sun person.) My washer is chugging away, this after spending so much time writing–I got behind on everything.

I thought any writer-people out there might be interested in my “process”. For the rest of you, just know that a lot of my books, new and re-released are in the works. I am so thrilled that readers who read my Tallchief series years ago, still love them.

Writer Basics & Happy Cup

I’ve just finished my first pass on my latest, the first of a series. Shh. Not a clue for the title of the series or the book. Right now, I’m concerned with massaging my rough draft and getting the time line right. (Massaging means: more/less info here or somewhere else, or cut altogether.) The shaping of a book is really important, i.e. pacing, slow/faster/more impact/action and reaction. This is a women’s fiction romance, so emotions are important as with mystery writing when you have more dynamic reactions–still emotions and depth, etc. so important.

Once after incorporating/deleting whatever, I’ll print another copy, double-spaced and in larger font, so as to catch any missing punctuations. Then another run, spelling checking, etc, and a landscape printout, 2 pages per sheet. before sending it off to my proofer. (Hiyah, Babe!)

BTW, do you know what that ceramic lid on top of my Happy Cup is called? It matches a different violet-patterned cup, but I use this topper all the time for tea/coffee, etc. I have different cups for different moods, do you?

This is my first time to set up a series of books (I’ve written a lot of series) on Scrivener, especially for writers. I am finding that software really helpful, especially in keeping track of characters/places/pets/etc. I’m already almost finished w/the rough draft of Bk2, so the notes are important for consistency. BTW, I use Scrivener between my iMac and iPad (In the Apps), works excellent, though it is available for PC, too.

Remind me to put up a list of my favorite How 2 Write Books? Thank you. Along the way, I do help a lot of other writers and they help me.

So back to this massaging-thing: This is were the art begins, only enhanced by good copy edits concerning punctuation. The art comes into working with the length of sentences/paragraphs, etc., start and end of chapters–too long, not broken at the right place, escalating to midpoint, rounding off, all questions answered, etc. And are the emotions for the genre there? A good editor is truly magical, shaping a book, no matter if romance with more emotion, or mystery which still requires emotion, especially body reaction to fear, expressions, etc. We’re human. We have emotions. 

Some stories just flow from the writer. Other stories have to be dug out, cleaned up, etc.

Now. Some writers write the same basic story, appealing to their devoted readers. That is good. It is good strong marketing and included in what we call “Branding”. However, I’ve never been able to stay in that bin and have moved around from entirely different storylines, through most of romance’s subgenres, and some in mystery/suspense, which are very different.

Okay, if you’ve soaked up all that, know that most of all, I hope you enjoy this beautiful day and if your weather is not great, I hope you do have nice weather. Love my open windows when writing!





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