Thank You for Being My Friend

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The River of my life is rich. I think of all the wonderful people I’ve known, each giving me so much, teaching me how to be better.

Yesterday, a dear friend passed. I was lucky enough to visit in her final hours. She knew me, said my name, and raised her hand for mine.

Her journey through cancer has taken two long years, and just two months ago, her beloved husband of many years passed.

I feel her near me now.

As mothers, we shared so much. As women involved with life, we shared more. I could always count on her to be my friend, someone to lean on difficult times. I hope I equaled the exchange, when she needed me.

In her final journey, she crocheted little hearts for her nurses. How thoughtful! One of my daughters is a nurse, my mother was one, and I know they give so much and are repaid so little. That isn’t why they are nurses, of course, and my friend would have been a lovely patient, no matter the painful circumstances. Now they have those little hearts to wear with their badges.

This morning, I drove through heavy fog above the waterways. I felt my friend nearby, enjoying the drive and the morning.

I’m sitting and beyond the window is a huge lovely red rose. I know she’s enjoying it, too.

You’ll always be with me, my friend. Thank you for being in the river of my life.

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3 Responses

  1. Cait, What a beautiful and heart-felt tribute….. You are as beautiful as your thoughts. As we know, love never dies.
    Sending hugs your way.

  2. caitlondon

    I agree, Karen. I make time to sit quietly and think of those who have passed, yet are still with me.

  3. Cait your friend really is with you a smell, ascent, a sound a movement you will think of her and she WILL be there make sure you say hi to her and have a small conversation out loud or in your head. Blessed be Cait.

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