And The Moral of the Story is…

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I‘m working away at editing the 2nd book of my new Fresh Start women’s fiction/romance series, which I hope to launch in February.

This 2nd book, a June release is in editing. I’m at the tail end of that and decided to update my iMac. Last night, I started updating the system, and this morning it wasn’t done. I’m a morning person, all systems go, so I was ready to put the final touches on this new masterpiece, the 2nd book of Fresh Start series. Ready to go. Yeah. My computer needed a whole lot more updating and installing time.

Thus, crocheting and checking on the computer’s updates/install. No luck.

This a.m. early, still no luck. I got so frustrated–which helps nothing in technology–so I decided to bake potato rolls, Denver Biscuits my family loves, an old time recipe from Pike’s Peak mining days.

I started my computer downloading/updating/install process yet again, and made the yeast dough, which has to rise. The house was cool, ZERO degrees out this a.m., wind chill -21, and rising takes some kind of heat, so I started the heater, and placed one bowl of rising “bisquits” in front of it.

The computer wasn’t updating and installing fast enough and I wanted to get to work, editing my masterpiece. So I started another batch of yeast dough. Another stool, more rising.

Neighbor guys who cleaned my driveway and who sometimes take away dead limbs, etc. fetched the dough through the 6-7 inches of snow I was not tromping through.

And the moral is: Some things can’t be rushed–writing/editing, rising dough, and updating/installing computer tech stuff.


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