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I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. So much fun!


JUST YOU, a February release is on the brink of being published, just in time. If you can’t take three single women, put them in RVs to cross the country for a new start, what can you do? And I just had to take Kenna, Olivia, and Crystal for a brand new life-start in FRESH START, Washington State.

The setting is fictional, but my family still lives nearby and I wanted to write something set in my Hinterland, so to speak–because now I live in Missouri, where the Basket Series is set.

Here’s an extended blurb:

His runaway ex-wife: Divorce doesn’t matter to Hugh Donovan. Kenna suddenly cut him off after a long relationship and a 3-year marriage. With her new friends, she ran from New York to the mountains of Washington State, and he had to have answers. One challenge to their perfect marriage and lives, and Kenna changed to her maiden name and ran…

Determined to survive, tormented Kenna Peck needs a new life. She couldn’t trust her ex-husband now, though a part of her aches for him, for what might have been.

And who walks into Kenna’s new life, her Fresh Start, demanding answers and stirring her with passion, but Hugh…

***What better way to start fresh, than in a town called Fresh Start?

JUST YOU is the first of a series, then JUST LOVE in June and JUST US, a November release. I’d advise getting JUST YOU to start.

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  1. Emilyanne Jewell

    I have been reading your books for a long time. Can’t wait for the new ones. Happy Valentine Day!

    • Emilyanne! How nice. I hope you liked my Basket Series and I’m really excited about this new series, Fresh Start, out in February. If you haven’t joined my enewsletter, you might want to and/or visit me at CaitLondonBooks at Facebook? I’m so glad you like my books enough to stick with me. 🙂

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