I Love Valentine’s Day!

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Because I love Valentine’s Day so much, JUST YOU is now on Sale! JUST YOU is the first of a trilogy, so you won’t want to miss it! NOTE: Sale ending soon!

Kenna can’t forget him…

JUST LOVE or JUST HIM (title undecided) is a June release and moving thru editorial now. I am excited about this trilogy, the changes/choices women can make in their lives, and of course, romance.

January and February are my busiest, most productive months. New stuff is happening and I’m learning more and writing more. You’d think a veteran writer, (and I definitely am that with a ton of books behind me) would know more about today’s publishing business, huh?

Publishing today is changing and I’m enjoying the ride, the exploration of possibles. But then, I enjoying exploring everything, including my infamous Tunisian crocheting. No kidding, folks, during times of real stress revert to keeping busy–somehow.

I’m baking Heart cookies later, because too much is on my plate right now, and there are times like that in everyone’s lives. Mm. Maybe favorite gingerbread men recipe in lieu of sugar cookies. There is that big whole ham in my freezer, waiting for a family dinner–oh, but I digress… (Oh, my. I hope my daughters don’t send me more plant baskets, because I’m full up. There is a jungle brought in from the porch right now, keeping safe from winter. Ungrateful me.)

Saved from Midwest Freeze

Also Writers: Be sure to check out 2 books, Relaunch Your Novel by Chris Fox and Help! My Facebook Ads Suck by Michael Cooper. And BTW, Author’s Guild is doing a terrific job for us now. Check it out?

For the writers following me, I hope we’ll meet soon for coffee-teatime. Yesterday I picked up a box of bagels (froze some) and enjoying a blueberry one with my coffee as I’m writing this. (Love to dunk.)

If you want to read about an interesting writer’s life, check out JACKIE WEGER.

Writers, if you are indie publishing, I am learning so much right now. I’ll be in my first rafflecopter contest around Easter and preparing THE EGG BASKET  .99 sale for that time, so keep tuned for dates/more info. Lots of authors in this Ultimate Contest…

Just one more day for us U.S.ers until Valentine’s Day! Sent my Valentine’s, planning tomorrow… And I hope you like a perfect Valentine’s Day read, JUST YOU!

I may post tomorrow, just ’cause I enjoy the fun, so stay tuned?


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  1. Just read Just You and another great keeper. Look forward to next book out in June. Very happy with your blog as well. I reread your books at least once a year and I have them all. This is anna Novak, retired United Methodist Pastor. We had communicated about a year ago and you were interested in my history as I was one of the first female pastors starting in the early 70s.

    • Hi, Anna! I love your whole name, btw. Thank you for commenting. I do think Just You is a special book–for me, at least. 🙂 I hope you are doing well. Very interesting to be one of the irst female pastors. I bet that is a good story.

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