Determined to rise in the ranks of a Kansas City investment firm, petite Melanie Inganforde disguises her curves. Her irritating nemesis, the firm's "star player" and ladies’ man, Sloan Raventhrall enjoys teasing “Mel” while he scoops up choice clients.

Flu and his visiting niece put Sloan at Melanie’s mercy and he has to trade his best client. Feverish, Sloan discovers a sweet sexy, elusive nymph roaming his apartment and falls in love. The nymph, alias Melanie, discovers an old-fashioned, romantic Sloan.

Recovered, Sloan uncovers “Mel’s” disguise. In takeover mode, he’s angry, sexy and too old-fashioned in the man-woman game. A Today Woman, Melanie wants equal footing.

The love match is on, each playing for keeps.

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