Part of the MacLeans series:

Two fighters, each with revenge on their minds, step into the arena of primitive attraction...
Denver's leading attorney, Katherine Kelly, didn't want trucking czar J.D. MacLean back in her life. But J.D. wants revenge; he's, furious that after one night in his bed years ago, a teenage"Kat" married an older rich man--while J.D. was struggling to raise a baby and build his business.
Now, years later, he knows just how to get revenge--by holding Katherine's baby sister in his financial fist, and he doesn't intend to play fair.
Katherine falls in love with J.D.'s adorable 5-year-old grandson, but she can't forgive J.D. for spurning her the morning-after they'd made love, all those years ago, for tearing her apart.
Their flashfire sensuality ignites as they untangle the past in her sister's renovated bordello, now a B and B spa. Now J.D. wants more than payback from Katherine; he wants everything...

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