Book Cover: Be Mine

1881. Montana Territory.

Hardened Sam Taggart is back in Montana Territory to make his business fortune. But first, he has to provide care for his old-coot father and sister-brat who live on the run-down ranch. Desperate to make his fortune, Sam hires neat as a pin, her red hair in braids, virginal Emma Recht, the daughter of a German immigrant. Cleaning, baking, knitting her socks for sale and trading with the ranch’s passersbys, Emma is thrilled to set off on her own money-making venture, but Sam (with his hair part just-so) is no delight. Captivated by this curvy, innocent busy-bee “beserker”, fighting-tough Sam is incensed when Emma fearlessly steps in to protect him against men poachers who would have her socks and other things. He wants her for himself in a marriage of convenience, but Emma knows she is not the society city-wife Sam needs.

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