Book Cover: Sleepless in Montana

Montana: To protect the most vulnerable of the Kodiak clan from a killer, the embattled adult children and their mother return to the Bar K. Hogan Kodiak, the eldest and the family’s outsider, is on his own ranch. Bitterly at odds with his father, he can’t rid himself of Jemma Delaney, his longtime nemesis, now the woman he desires. Determined to unite the Kodiaks and soothe Hogan’s troubled spirit, Jemma is no sweetheart as their romance fires up. As murder circles the Bar K, the Kodiaks untangle their past, their loves, and uncover the killer’s horrible secret.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As an artist, I really enjoyed writing about Hogan Kodiak, also an artist, the colors, shapes and artistic mind set.

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