Book Cover: The Bride's Basket
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-942478-25-6

“I have to believe,” Nora whispered softly as she placed the Moses basket in her Jeep and eased into the driver’s seat. Fear rode her now, because she’d never been in love and because she was about to lay her heart… and her babies… in the safekeeping of a man who loved them both.

Unloved from childhood, Nora Elliott still couldn’t believe—completely—that love and happiness was finally hers. But she was trying… for her babies and for the sons she’d already borne. “I feel— No, I believe this is right, what I’m doing. I believe that all my sons will be here for my—for Dan and my—twins."

She gripped her steering wheel and studied the shadows. Whatever lurked out there might be her horrible past, waiting to recapture her.


Maybe those shadows were her doubts that she deserved the future and love Dan Beringer offered. Nora shook off that fear and clung to what Jessie had taught her: “I have to believe….”

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