Baby Robin’s Nest

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I’ve been watching 2 little heads in the tree just off my front porch. When Mom arrives with food, those little robin’s mouths are wide open.

I do hope the winds don’t hurt them before they can fly. Our neighborhood has a lot of robins, a few crows, and every once in awhile 3 buzzards. I truly do not like the starlings–we have them, too–and crows eating the cardinals, robins, finches, doves, etc. food. love, love to listen to the mourning doves and we have several around. Mr. & Mrs. dine at my yard a lot.

My neighborhood also has guard cats which patrol, and a rabbit my neighbor calls “honey bunny.”

All good wildlife to watch when I’m taking writing breaks from my computer.

OTHER NEWS: With Father’s Day almost here, Quinn and Wyatt, my DREAMY DADS are on sale for .99.

Then moving on with the Tallchief’s, THE GROOM CANDIDATE, is now up, Book #4 in the TALLCHIEFS.

BLURB: Since childhood, Lacey MacCandliss’s mission was to make ladykiller Birk Tallchief’s life miserable. Then one kiss ignites Birk and he’s set to capture the petite fascinating woman and change the rules. When Lacey needs protection, Birk marries his temporary bride and the love game is on…

Birk’s legend, and all Tallchiefs have a Legend, is:

The maiden who rocks upon the chair and sings a lullaby will claim the man of Fearghus blood who stands closest to her. She will be his heart and he will be her love.

That’s it for now. I’d love to hear from you! Write to Cait?

The Groom Candidate

Catching Up in June

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Life happens. So true. I’m behind on my 2nd book of the year, but not too worried about that. Things to do, you know.

Amid lots of house/yard upkeep now means I’m in the stores more, getting supplies. While in Menard’s plant section, 2 little boys in a cart pushed by their mother were talking. So cute. One said, “When Mom gets us another brother…” She was busy with the 6 months or so baby on her hip….

Friends sent me this and I really laughed when opening the package. So funny. Thank you, F. and M. Please know how much I enjoy it.

I scheduled June as catch-up month and am working hard toward that goal. Remember my planner attempt? It is working well, with lots of projects underway, plus life. I do enjoy the small things like having tea while sitting on my front porch and chatting with a good friend. Last night, the fireflies put on a show.

I’m working on about everything this month, including more Cait’s Classics, covers, and writing my new series.

I hope you’re signed up for my E-NEWSLETTER for more information on my releases and please do visit my Facebook Page? I’d love to hear from you, too.

Do enjoy this gorgeous summer? I am.