Flu Please Go Away

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I hope I don’t get the flu, because I’m busy fine-tuning the basic launch of JUST YOU, a February release and the first of my FRESH START series. I am so pleased with this series, shaping up now for February, June and November releases. Am thrilled with the advanced readers comments: “Loved this book”. It’s always a scary time when a writer sends their babies out into the big wide sometimes cruel world.

Hopefully, this series about three women who knew they had to change their lives and did must might reach the heart of women, touch them in some good way. I hope.

About Flu Season: Right now, a family member is doing everything she can to stay out of the hospital, because of flu everywhere. I am hearing of other areas, as well, and thought you might like some of my home-style avoid-the-flu information.

The very best first? That’s ginger root in the pot, chopped and simmered in water. A cup of that with honey is the best. One time a neighbor felt bad, but had to go to work, and I ran a cup of that out to her car as she drove to work. She heated it up there and now makes her own.

My German grandmother’s recipe, as I’ve said somewhere, used a hot cup of chicken broth, garlic, red pepper. My mother’s was to slather our chests with Vicks and wrap a warm cloth around it. As a child, I got a finger-fun of Vick’s beneath my nose one time, when I as talking back. (I put all this stuff into my books, you know.)

More of what I do to prevent flu (and I hope it does, because I really want JUST YOU to launch in February): The shot, the usual rest, chicken soup, eucalyptus oil on the tea-candle burner or in my defuser. (Remember all the essential oils one daughter gave me? I love/love/love them.)

Next, is a whole batch of hand sanitizers, which I am faithful about using those, plus antibacterial soap. BTW, when coming out of a store, I also rub it on my hands and then the steering wheel, gear shift, etc. Then Airborne or something like it, some chewable C, tea of whatever kind (and another daughter has stacked me up with every flavor/decaf/caffeinated possible). A mask if visiting clinics, etc.

The very best of this batch is that inhaler and that is a brand I like. After all, they inhaled lavender and eucalyptus during the ancient plagues, so that is good enough for me. My daughters and I made cross-country driving trips when we could, and one trip, I fixed each daughter with this brand inhaler and even wrote our names on them, cross-contamination-daughter, you know. Then one of my college-smarties said she couldn’t find hers and could she borrow mine? That one, with high grades, was absolutely notorious sometimes.

I really am hoping to avoid this bad flu, because I’m so excited about Fresh Start’s series, working with the launch of JUST YOU in February, coming right up. I’m posting more information here, my website, and on CAIT LONDON BOOKS on Facebook. Getting ready for a little contest there, you know.