Dear Visitor:

Welcome! I’m so pleased you stopped by. Do that often, will you?

At the moment, I am looking for website ideas and you can input in the Contest areas. As this site continues to grow–I have big plans–it will change. For one thing, a lot of me is in my books, all the things I do and travel experiences. I’ve visited all the locations of my fiction books, including the NW trails and I’ve driven the Oregon Trail.

If I mention it in my books, I’ve canned, sewed, painted large canvases, crocheted, gardened, conferenced, traveled, baked, been active in social media, painted house walls (inside/outside), raised children, and maintained long-time sisterhoods. I’m active in social media, Facebook and Twitter, and generally enjoying the life and blessings given to me. I hope you are, too.

Some of my books are available, some will be, and some won’t. This is typical of most long-time authors. But a printable book list is available.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and don’t forget to subscribe to my irregular E-NEWSLETTER and/or to Posts on my BLOG?




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