Wow! The Happy4Me contest is closed, and the first round of judging has several winners.

As Judge Cait, I believe that there are more winners coming. This was real work—satisfying work, and I learned from it.
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Reading topped the numbers of what people do to feel better. Not in order of popularity, but here’s the list: Music, either listening to and/or dancing; singing; pets/grandchildren; talking with husbands/friends/relatives, walking w/without music; thinking Pink; retail therapy, yoga/meditate; counting blessings; movies/TV/YouTube; remembering funny incident; volunteering; chocolate w/without Hugs; baking; trying to laugh at self every day; crafts; video/board games; prospecting/camping; work/job; eating; donate to charities; visit library; memories from childhood.

Maybe No, Maybe Yes

I’ve missed a few in there somewhere, but GRAND PRIZE WINNER Lori M had a long list. She has really worked through the worst: She finds something funny to watch or read, talks to herself and laughs, watches grandchildren, “a good cry may release a lot of bad stuff”; laugh at life, etc. Lori received both The Cowboy and Maybe No, Maybe Yes as prizes.

Other Happy4Me Winners are:

Linda H: When she begins to get down, she writes down everything that is going right in her life. (I do that, too.)

Mary P: First, tries to work out why she’s unhappy, and works through it. She also knits which calms and allows her to slow down and think. (That is really good basic reasoning. I crochet for the same reason. But I’m not good at it. J)

Angela M’s was super: “Think Pink” (Loved that one)

Debbie W: Have faith that things will get better. (Marvelous input, Debbie)

Each received a copy of The Cowboy.
The Cowboy By Request

I’m going to return to these entries for special prizes, because there were so many really good ones. But the Happy4Me contest is officially closed. Watch for pop-up winners in other judging rounds!

I think this is the most interesting and useful contest and feedback I’ve ever known. All entrants came from my enewsletter audience.

I am going back to these entries time to time for more winners, because they deserve it! Plus, I got this great photo of a happy puppy. 🙂