Welcome to the return of the Tallchiefs!

Descended from a Sioux chieftain and his Scottish captive bride, each contemporary Tallchief seeks an item from their Scottish ancestor’s dowry. Attached to that special item is a legend of true love….

Here’s Duncan’s in The Cowboy and the Cradle: ~The woman who brings the cradle to a man of Fearghus blood will fill it with his babies….~

Calum’s in Tallchief’s Bride: ~When a man of Fearghus blood places the ring upon the right woman’s finger, he’ll capture his true love forever…~

Birk’s in The Groom Candidate: ~The maiden who rocks upon the chair and sings a lullaby will claim the man of Fearghus blood who stands closest to her. She will be his heart and he will be her love…~

Start with Book 1: The Cowboy and the Cradle, Tallchief’s Bride, The Groom Candidate, The Seduction of Fiona Tallchief, Tallchief: The Homecoming, Tallchief: The Hunter and more…