Descendants of a Celtic seer and the Native American who captured her, the Aisiing triplets must live far apart, their gifts too powerful, affecting each other.

Tempest, Claire, and Leona: triplets blessed—or cursed—with a special extra sense they would each deny, given the chance . . . Separately pursued by men who would have them and by killers who lurk, the triplets must fight to love and to live.

AT THE EDGE: Claire, the youngest, finds solitude and escape in rural Montana. The descendant of an ancient Celtic seer, she struggles to conceal her unsettling power to sense what others feel—the good and the evil, the pain and the joy.

A STRANGER’S TOUCH: Tempest was born with the uncanny ability to learn everything about an object—or even a person—just by the touch of her naked hands.

FOR HER EYES ONLY: Leona—The oldest and most powerful of the Aisling triplets, Leona has always been the one most devoted to denying her gift . . . until now. When she begins to see murky visions of the crazed killer who has targeted her sisters, she can’t ignore her powers any longer. This evil man not only threatens her family, but is also coming after her.

*Author’s Note: Advise reading in order.