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A Stranger's Touch
ISBN: 9780061140518
10 ISBN: 0061140511

Tempest, Claire, and Leona: triplets blessed--or cursed--with a special extra sense they would each deny, given the chance...

Tempest's psychic hands need protective gloves. She even wears them during lovemaking and one special night with a man she can't forget.

Now powerful businessman Marcus Greystone has found her. He wants her naked hands, not only on him, but to help find a cold-case murderer. She's a fast game, constantly on the move, but Marcus isn't letting Tempest go. He's not happy that she's left his bed without a word and he's ready to show Tempest what she's been missing.

On the other hand, Marcus has something Tempest desperately needs  to protect her family. He's willing to bargain--if she'll help him.

But Tempest's dark past is close behind them, and a new danger springs from a killer who can't wait to get his hands on her...


...I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this story. It grabbed me within the very first paragraph and never let me go. I repeat, it NEVER let me go. The characters are realistic. It is so well written that I could easily see and understand everything Marcus, Tempest, and the other Bartels felt. Make sure you have a quiet day ahead, order pizza, and turn off all connections to the outside world before you even open the cover of this gem. Absolutely fantastic!
(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

4 Cups...
I got into the story right away, and both main characters have enough issues to keep the reader interested. I loved how the sisters communicate and how easily Marcus accepts it, and for the most part, Tempest. The author really did a great job of describing the setting and the characters. This series is leading up to one doozy of a climax and I cannot wait to read the final chapters.
Maura, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
A STRANGER'S TOUCH has just the right mix of everything!! It has mystery, danger, romance, steamy sex, and love. Seeing these two characters move through the struggles of the story will captivate you. Plus the psychic twist gives this book the little something extra every book needs. This is the second book in the Psychic Sisters trilogy, and I enjoyed this book so much that I am on the search for the first book and looking forward to the next one!
Dana, Reviewer, Romance Junkies
Tempest and Marcus' story is one that manages to be both incredible and credible at once. Though the description of her power will remind you, superficially, of the X-men's Rogue, she is much more than that character. This is a solid, well rounded tale that holds your attention from beginning to end. I would also love to see a novel featuring her mother, Greer, at the center. The glimpses of her showed someone who was complex and had enough of a past and secrets to rate four hundred plus pages to delve into them.
Amanda Kilgore, Eternal Night UK
5 Blue Ribbons: Cait London had me burning through the pages in this stunning sequel to last year's At the Edge...
I was held by A STRANGER'S TOUCH and I didn't want to be let go. Cait London succeeded in reminding me why I love her work. I could feel the emotions leap right off the page and into my own heart. Marcus and Tempest were so obviously meant for each other, they just needed to quit being stubborn and listen to their own hearts. And suspense? Cait London knew how to keep me guessing. By the time of the big reveal, I really didn't know who was going to turn out to be the hit-and-run driver. On top of the mystery in this story, we got a bit more information on the mystery surrounding the family. Now I'm really anxious for Leona's story. I can't wait for the answers to be revealed.
Heather M. Riley, Romance Junkies
This is the second book in the Aisling triplets series, and I was as riveted as I was with the first. At first I was a tad disappointed because I was looking for the Tempest I fell in love with in the first book, but she soon resurfaced and her fiery spirit had me shooting through pages. The best part of this book for me was that I could not figure out who was responsible for the murders! There are so many plausible parties responsible, that it's really tough to determine ahead of time what the ending will be.
Thankfully the third book will be coming out in October 2008, because I have to know what happens next! The third book will be featuring Leona, the eldest.
Armchair Interviews agrees.
Shawn Remfrey,
A Stranger's Touch is a book to hold on to. It is evident the author has spent a great deal of time in her research into the various elements of the world of psychics...For those fascinated with triplets, this is a story that will interest you. For those who wish to learn more about the psychic touch and the psychic connection of people within a family, A Stranger's Touch will intrigue you. Even if you don't believe, it will have you asking, "What if?"
Mary Montague Sikes,